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Solutions & Products

for VPO Enthusiasts

Are you building your own VPO?  Do you feel like you lack some of the woodworking skills needed?  

I can help with that!


These components are meant to cater to the DIY VPO and Hauptwerk enthusiast who's looking to build their own organ, but maybe doesn't have all the woodworking tools at their disposal to handle the custom routing, cutting, and machining.  In fact, when building my first organs, I was disappointed there weren't more options out there to help.  So, after building my organs, I realized that the designs I came up with, are the very things I wished had already existed - so now I offer them to you.


Most products are built-to-order, so lead times vary based on workload, but I do my best to have them shipped as quickly as possible.

Many of these products are in use on my Opus 2 organ, and have proven to be extremely effective, and above all else - EASY to work with, allowing you to do much of the building and assembly yourself.

If you have any questions about your VPO project, or any of the items below, or if you're interested in consultation work, or a complete, installed instrument, don't hesitate to contact me.

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