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New and Improved!  Now machined from 1/8" 5052 aluminum for absolute rigidity, these brackets are precision machined from to mount to Fatar TP6/TP60 manuals and are used to attach the piston rail to the keyboard frame.  Use a vice and pliers to bend the the narrow end of the tab to the depth your setup requires.  A single pre-drilled hole allows for a screw to be attached to the piston rail.  (Not included)


These brackets are strong and reliable, yet remarkably easy to work with.  However, aluminum does not like to be bent multiple times, so be careful when bending to ensure that you are bening straight and to the correct depth.


Q:  Why don't you ship them already bent to the proper dimensions?

A:  Everyone uses different buttons for their pistons.  Some people use actual organ thumb pistons, while some people use momentary pushbuttons from various electronics suppliers, eBay, Amazon, Adafruit, etc.   Momentary buttons/thumb pistons can vary drastically in length and, as a result, I can't ensure that by pre-bending the tabs they will allow for proper clearances between the back of the pistsons, its wiring, and the key travel of your keyboards.  The easiest way to install these, is to install the three screws into the mounting bracket to the underside of the keyboard.  Then, take your piston rail, rest it on the mounting tabs and use a pencil to mark the bend line.  Go 1/8" further back (towards the 3 holes), mark another line, and make your bend there, allowing a 1/8" bend radius.


Now sold in packs of 3.

Piston Rail Mounting Brackets

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