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Written as my Master's Thesis, Concerto for Organ and Orchestra stretches the limints of my compositional abilities.  Selected as a Finalist for the 2015 ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer's competition, the piece really explores the boundaries and potential of the modern organ in a modern orchestral setting.  The piece attempts to blend much of the old with the new - new colors, new textures, new limits - while also making great use of traditional forms and styles suited to the instrument.  Movement 1 is a wild toccata, followed by Movement 2 - a playful Scherzo on solo pedals, and finally Movement 3, a calm, soul-stiring hymn, ending the piece with subtle beauty - something so frequently overlooked in the organ and orchestra genere.

As of this writing, the piece have never received a public performance.  Interested performers should contact me, as I'd be happy to collaborate.

I ask that if you purchase this score to please treat it, and me, with respect and keep it for the sake of perusal only.  I have long-since given up composition as I felt I would never measure up to the greats.  I spent an incredible amount of my time, energy, knowledge, and strength writing this piece, knowing full-well it was likely to be my last.


If you have any questions, please email me.  For a computer realiztion of the entire work - Sibelius 7 providing the orchestra part and Hauptwerk providing the organ part - please visit my original works page.

Concerto for Organ and Orchestra

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