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This bartop cabinet features a two player control surface, with joystick and button cutouts and includes the pre-fabricated panels to assemble an empty cabinet.  (Monitor, computer, lighting, buttons, joysticks, etc. not included!)


The 1/2" thick MDF panels are CNC cut for maximum accuracy, and the clever design, allows you to assemble the entire cabinet with nothing more than glue and clamps - no need for screws or nails!  (Or even some heavy books will work if you don't have clamps.) The entire thing can be assembled in less than 10 minutes!  The flat pack comes unpainted and unassembled.


A removable back panel is also provided (attaches with velcro or bolts/T-nuts - not included), that allows for easy access to internal compoents, such as montior, computer, controls, speakers, etc.


PLEASE NOTE:  The monitor cutout will be CUSTOM to the monitor you plan on using.  When placing your order, you must provide me the Make & Model of the monitor or TV that you plan to use!  Monitor can be no more than 23.5" wide or 16" tall maximum, WITHOUT a stand or base attached.  My preferred model is the Acer SB230 Bbix 23" IPS Ultra-Thin Zero Frame Monitor.


PLEASE NOTE:  When checking out, you will also be required to specify your custom MARQUEE text.  If you'd prefer to leave this blank, just write "LEAVE BLANK" in the field.


The optional 2-shelf base will turn the cabinet into a full size arcade console for standup play, and makes a great place for storing other game consoles, controllers, etc.


Customizations are possible, time permitting.  Please email me for more information before placing an order for any custom work.


This cabinet flatpack is meant to be a great starting point for those interested in building their own arcade simulators, who may not otherwise have access to the tools needed to machine the cabinet parts.  Take this flat pack and customize it, add to it, and have fun.  Make it your own.  Makes a great project for kids!

Arcade Cabinet - Flatpack

PriceFrom $150.00
  • Returns are not accepted.  Please ensure dimensions and clearances before placing your order.  If the product  is defective or broken, arrangements may be made, at the sellers discretion, to repair or replace the damaged product.

  • OVERALL:  25" wide, 24" tall, 19" deep



    OPTIONAL BASE: 25" wide, 36" tall, 19" deep (Makes the entire cabinet 60" tall)


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