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Opus 4

Opus 4 started life as a Rodgers Olympic 333, and has been rebuilt into a Hauptwerk instrument with nearly-limitless potential.   119 fully motorized SAMs are incorporated into the new design, expanded from its original Rodgers stop list, to a fuller specification based more on the MasterWorks 3/31 Wurlitzer.  The SAMs are complimented with all new custom-engraved tabs.  Since there just isn't enough real estate available on the console for the complete Masterworks 3/31 Wurlitzer specification, dual touch screen monitors have also be incorporated for access to the complete sample set.  The touch screens also allow the instrument to be used for classical sample sets as well.  With three manuals, 119 motorized SAMs, a host of pistons, toe studs, 128GB of RAM, 2TB solid state storage, and a 12-channel audio system, Opus 4 is much more than just your average theater organ.

Sample Sets Installed:

Masterworks Wurlitzer

Rotterdam Hoofdwerk
Rotterdam Transept

Bellevue Casavant

Caen - St. Etienne
Freiberg, Petrikirche
Sonnenorgel - Goerlitz

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