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Op. 8

Op. 8 is the next evolution of the popular "Op. 6" design.  Op. 8 incorporates all of the previous elements, adding dual touch-screen monitors on gas-spring mounts directly to the keycheeks.

The console is made from solid hard maple, with a maple topped bench with black powder-coated steel legs.

The instrument is completed with a powerful custom PC built to handle even the largest and most demanding sample sets with ease.

About Op. 8

Whilst some might think this doesn't much look like an organ console, you can rest assured that it is everything you want from an organ console, without all the stuff you don't!  The console is built using solid hardwood with steel legs and supports.  The entire keystack is height-adjustable to suit the owner, but is otherwise designed to conform to AGO console spacing requirements.  This means you can have an incredibly user-friendly, ergonomic console, made from quality components, without all the weight, bulk, and cabinetry of a traditional organ console.

The entire console breaks down for "easy" transport (as easy as an organ can be, anyway) by two people.  The expression pedals are made with cast steel bases with milled aluminum shoes and use hall-effect sensors instead of cheap, fragile potentiometers; eliminating those cumbersome linkages and provides a smooth, clean operation, free of maintenance and frustration.

The gas-spring monitor mounts allow for a complete range of motion, including portrait and landscape orientation, as well as the ability to tighten or loosen to keep them in exactly the right place.

The instrument was outfitted with new chrome toe studs, as well as engraved pistons per the owner's specifications.



If you would like more information, please contact me.

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