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Op. 5

Op. 5 is a very modestly-sized 3-manual console, complete with a custom PC capable of running the largest sample sets currently on the market.  This instrument now lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.



(3) Fatar manuals

(2) 15.6” touch screens

(1) 16x2 LCD display

(2) Expression pedal bar-graph indicators

(2) dual 7-segment LED displays

(1) transposer LED display

(1) MIDI Encoder

(1) MIDI Decoder

(17) thumb pistons (top manual unengraved)

Solid Oak key cheeks, piston rails, and stop jambs

Powered, built-in headphone amplifier

Solid Oak, height-adjustable bench

LED pedal lighting

LED music rack lighting

Expression pedal potentiometers

Furman Power Conditioner

12v Power Supply

24v Power Supply

MIDI/USB interface


The top two keyboards and key cheeks are on a 2.5 degree slope. All key cheeks and piston rails are machined from solid white oak. The stop jambs are made from 3/4” oak plywood. The LCD and numeric LED displays are user-programmable to display any relevant information the owner finds useful when playing. Currently the two sets of double-digit numeric displays are showing the stepper and general numbers. The far right display is showing +\- 0-9 following the transposer. These are all programmable by the owners to suite their needs.

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